Central East Tokyo 2023

Hundred-year window

When the exhibition location was decided, and I came to take a preview, I opened the heavy door and found a small, thick, patterned glass window. This Ohara Daigo Building is nearly 100 years old.
It is likely that the window initially intended for viewing the outside was blocked by an extension to the building and turned internal.

A hidden 100-year-old window.
One hundred years ago, you could see from this window the Taisho era, when people wearing Western clothes began to mix in with those wearing Japanese clothes.

A citizen class centered on city workers and office workers was formed, and the construction of business offices department stores, and the development of suburban trains, the appearance of Japanese-Western cultural houses with reception rooms, clothes, Western food, electric lights, gas, It was a time when water supplies became widespread and popular culture flourished.

An era in which the foundations of the landscape that surrounds us today were formed.

I was very attracted to this window, made in that era and now hidden inside the building.

Irregular patterns, thick glass, the accumulation of time... and the human warmth that permeates there.

Japan and the world will change even more over the next 100 years.
Will people 100 years from now feel something when they look at what we have built today, just as I thought when I looked at these windows 100 years ago?

Even then
"Things made by human hands are beautiful."

I'd like you to say that.

23.Oct.2023 - 05.Nov.2023
11:00 - 18:00

Launched in 2017 by designer Shun Izumi. Each item is hand-dyed and painted to express an explosion of emotion amidst tranquility, based on his brand concept of "Wear your emotions." In 2018, his older brother, Daisaku Izumi, joined the team, and the team was formed around the brothers and continues to this day.
In September 2022, he will exhibit at Rakuten Fashion Week 2023SS.

Ohara No.5 bldg 2F (Stair hall)
4-10, Nihonbashi Yokoyamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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