During the Central East Tokyo 2023 event period, we are posting information on exhibitions at galleries that are simultaneously being held. Please contact each gallery directly for information on exhibitions and events.


CON_ will be holding the exhibition "CALTEX5" curated by TRA. In this exhibition, works by artists/teams selected by TRA will be exhibited and sold in a shop format.
TRA is an image curation account mainly active on X and Instagram. This exhibition will focus on three-dimensional works and magazines by illustrative artists and teams selected by TRA. Please take this opportunity to take a look.

29.Sep.2023 - undecided

Yueqi Qi @_yueqiqi
Todam @to__dam
SUTOME APOTHECARY @sutomeapothecary


maruka 4F, 2-2-14, Nihonbashi Bakuro-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Thursday - Sunday 14:00-19:00


CON_ opened its doors in April 2022 on the East side of Tokyo, Japan. With a focus on visuality and concept, the gallery’s program crosses various expressive cultures, including contemporary art. As part of rethinking and reshaping Tokyo’s urban culture, CON_ seeks to reconsider contemporary art, music, and other expressive activities as crucial organic movements. By organizing programs born from research and dialogue with artists, the gallery continues to build new contexts taken from contemporaneousness.

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