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TOKIIRO × SAKU (new moon) / October 2023

Life sings. Fill heaven and earth.
We live in a world where the chain of all things is endless,
and even today, we cherish and reflect the image of that life.

TOKIIRO and 'Saku' of Misugi Forest, Mie Prefecture
The two work together to create
a 'space and work of publicity'.

Kumu Tokyo Noriko Konuma

13.Oct.2023 - 22.Oct.2023

Sachiko Kutsuzawa / Ceramic Sculpture
Takashi Kutsuzawa / Room Reception
Yoshinobu Kondo / Plants

Orin of Syouryu / October 2023

Comming Soon!

27.Oct.2023 - 5.Nov.2023

Comming Soon!


1-13-16, Higashikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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The spirit of “Kumu”
In 2015, “Kumu Tokyo” was launched as a place for exchange between domestic and international manufacturing and handicrafts,
with the functions of a shop, gallery, and community space.

As the name suggests, "Kumu" aims to be a place
where like-minded people from Japan and overseas can "Kumu (= collaboration)" and create.
“Kumu” deals with things that create a personal daily life,
such as things that you take into your body, touch your skin, wear tools
that are an extension of your limbs, and install in a space that envelops you.

Whenever I am impressed by the wisdom of learning from the past and the richness of the spiritual culture devoted there,
I think that a heart that cherishes everyday life is the key to changing the future.
At “Kumu”, we would like to share with you the treasures of things and things
that were born from this spirit.

Recently, many movements are occurring in Japan and other parts of the world to reconsider
how we live our lives and put them into practice.
These movements and the establishment of “Kumu” are synchronized.
We are looking forward to meeting all of you in “Kumu”.

Kumu Tokyo
Representative / Curator
Noriko Konuma

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