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Kotaro Fujioka Photo Exhibition "DONTEN" (Cloudy Sky)

This world exists calmly, even though it contains some ominous things.
Unreason and death are lying on the roadside, and they may bite you at any moment.
Even in luxurious and clean hotel rooms,
secret cries constantly leak from behind the white walls.
Chuuya was horrified by the black flag in the cloudy sky.
A silent, high, flapping black flag that cannot be brought down.
I have continued to take photographs because I want to leave a mark on that.
Classical techniques removed and concealed something from the photographed subject,
dissolving the clarity and concreteness of the photograph.
During this process, what remains on the photographic paper
is the afterimage of "DONTEN (Cloudy Sky)".

24.Oct.2023 - 5.Nov.2023

Kotaro Fujioka

Keiko Takeuchi solo exhibition "Pleasure at a radius of 2m."

In addition to the few NG photos I took myself, I also found wartime newspapers in my parents' storeroom, my grandmother's yearbook, my mother's notebooks from her school days, family photos I don't know who they are, stamps from the Showa era, postcards I bought on school trips, and more. Sheet music with the teacher's notes, leaflets I found, match labels, books I don't understand in which language, pre-war theater magazines, canned food labels, sketches for fans, scraps of chiyogami paper, and many old magazines.
She noticed that her surroundings were full of various materials. Probably about 12 years ago. From then on, she started taking collages little by little. It is no longer possible to collect paper and throw it away, and now smartphone cameras have also become motif collectors.
We are grateful for the progress in technology.
It might be interesting to use such chance encounters as inspiration and discover something unexpected through the layers of trial and error.
I would be happy if I could make you laugh.

24.Oct.2023 - 5.Nov.2023

Keiko Takeuchi

Roonee 247 fine arts

Satou bldg 4F, 17-9, Nihonbashi Kodenma-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
12:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays)


“Roonee247 Fine Arts” is a gallery located in Kodenmacho, Nihonbashi. This gallery transcends the boundaries of the genre by exhibiting two-dimensional works such as photographs and paintings, bags and pottery by artists from Japan, and bringing people and regions together through art. There are workshops with artists such as watercolors, walking around town, "Sunday Playing with Sheep," derived from Tsumugi, and "Breakfast," where breakfast is prepared at famous restaurants around the gallery and eaten in the gallery surrounded by artworks. We also hold occasional meetings. Please come and visit us.

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