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Photographic Works : Johnny Mae Hauser
SOM GALLERY is pleased to announce the duo show by Johnny Mae Hauser and Aldo van den Broek, based in Netherlands, "UNDERCURRENT" at Bakuroyokoyama.
This exhibition will feature approximately 14 large and small paintings by Aldo van den Broek and 7 photographic works by Johnny Mae Hauser, with the theme of cognition and sensitivity hidden deep within human existence.
Please take this opportunity to see our first exhibition in Asia.

29.Sep.2023 - 22.Oct.2023

Aldo van den Broek
Johnny Mae Hauser

Painting Works : Aldo van den Broek


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Founded in 2023 by Masaya Fukuyama and Manabu Murakami.
Together with young artists who explore the inherent essence of media and take on the challenge of transcending its boundaries, we will develop a gallery program that adjusts the universal motifs and themes of generations to the art frame.
Artists included include Moe Nakase, Mitsumasa Miura, Haru Matsuda, Rei Kizumoto, Misa Kono, Ryota Watanabe, Eri Fukami, and Shun Omiyama.

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